“Being very reluctant with the metaphysical world, I have to say Alex gave me very useful guidance and she accurately described events, past and present, that she had no way of knowing. It has left me with the feeling of peace I really needed.”

- Isabel C.

"I had the pleasure of a reading with Alexandrya recently, and found the experience to be incredibly touching. She provided some information about mediumship and established expectations around the session that let me feel comfortable that she was approaching the session genuinely and with healing intent. My experience was remarkably meaningful, covering a number of areas of my life that have been emotionally charged lately; Alexandrya made sure I was not oversharing during the whole process, which made me feel safe and taken care of. By the end of the session, I had heard an appropriate and timely message and was able to debrief. Overall, a very special experience."

- Eamonn C

”I booked an appointment with Alexandrya a couple of weeks ago with an open but also somewhat skeptical mind. It seemed like at the very least it would be fun. I have had friends try mediums before and it always sounded fun but contrived to me. Ok....I was wrong!

Alexandrya was so polite and professional. She knew what she was doing and made me feel comfortable and informed right from the start. She did not milk me for info but rather told me to hold back while she started her work. When a presence did come to her with the things she was saying and even the demeanor, there was no mistaking it was my mom, recently passed.

Alexandrya did not know anything about my mom passing at all and I gave her no info until the session was towards the end. At that point we were discussing the session in general.The minute details and things that were said were just wild to me. I felt very comforted and was encouraged to see that there is a lot more to existence than I had previously witnessed. Highly recommended! Thank you, Alexandrya!”

- Laura R.L.


"I'm a healthy skeptic and would not normally seek out any sort of Psychic services. I would also not classify myself as a deep believer in the esoteric. I got a reading from Alexandrya as a friend for fun and was very blown away. She's incredibly sincere and takes what she does very seriously. She also creates a very lighthearted and safe environment. Her insights were scarily accurate and nothing about her process comes across as cold reading or leading. If you feel like you need these kinds of services in your life, then Alexandrya is your girl!

- Daniel B.

"I had a great reading with Alex last week! She is a great psychic and really reads energy very well! She certainly understood my present situation and was able to give valuable guidance as to next steps. I appreciate her clarity and ability to get right to the root of the issue and provide some great counseling! Thank you Alex!"

- David W.

"Had a wonderful reading with Alexandrya. Her energy is positive, fun and uplifting. She was spot on with her mediumship and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for psychic services!"

- Rosie C.

"Alexandrya has very positive energy, my reading with her was very inspiring and I felt that she really connected with my loved ones. Warm fuzzy feelings all around."

- Alex M.

"Alexandrya is powerfully intuitive and a natural healer. Her readings and insights always give me a new, empowering perspective that guides me to follow my soul’s purpose (and helps me get out of my own way!). I appreciate her compassion and strong foundation of ethics, and her sense of humor always puts me at ease. She is the real deal, and I know she will enrich your journey as she has mine."

- Stacy C.

"Hi Alex! I'm not sure if you remember the reading we did a while back, but I told you I had been without a job. You told me that throughout the month of October I'd be doing side jobs and finally get a job October 31st. To update: throughout the month of October I've been working a bit for my sister who also makes TikTok's as well as doing a few shifts at an old job I had. This coming Monday oct. 31st, I'm starting my new job. Thank you so much for giving me hope and an awesome accurate reading! Just thought I'd share this with you :) Thanks again and wish the best!"

- Sarah.

"Before the session I was in a very average, if not slightly sombre mood, but talking with Alexandrya and hearing her insights not only made me feel happier, but also that I came closer to an actualization within myself. She doesn’t tell you what to feel or lead you into false conclusions. She has a genuine desire to assist people that shines forth through her very approachable disposition and intuitive psychic methods. She’s human is the biggest thing, she doesn’t put on airs that she is omnipotent or in any way superior to her clients, rather she speaks to whatever subject that arises in a very level headed and empathetic way. She’s easy to talk to, and if you’re an anxious person like myself, she’ll put your mind at ease so you can both achieve a unique clarity."

- Alyssa.

"Last year when speaking with Alexandrya she told me to make sure to take anything medical with my husband seriously and to see doctors and ask questions. Looking back at these suggestions blow my mind, I can’t believe how accurate she was. Things that we may have overlooked, we didn’t because I couldn’t let what she said go! The next time I spoke to her in May 2024, without her knowing any of the issues we had been dealing with she said that our medical concerns would look up around September/October of this year, Which is exactly the time frame the doctors had given us! Her ability to know these small details is amazing! I highly recommend a reading from her"