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My earliest memory of Psychic Mediums was seeing Crossing Over with John Edward on TV and Sylvia Browne on The Montel Williams Show. My mom had all sorts of books on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry - you name it. It fascinated HER, but FREAKED ME out. I ignored all of this for quite a while until I moved to Southern Ontario in 2017. By 2018, I was devoted 24/7 to understanding how my abilities work and even had the opportunity to go to the US for a week of intensive study + application at the A.R.E in Virginia Beach, VA. I have since taken the tools provided to me and continue to refine them, allowing Spirit to teach me something new every day. I hope to help as many people as I can - may it be painting your loved ones back to life for a moment, or providing you guidance, back to Source.


"I had the pleasure of a reading with Alexandrya recently, and found the experience to be incredibly touching. She provided some information about mediumship and established expectations around the session that let me feel comfortable that she was approaching the session genuinely and with healing intent. My experience was remarkably meaningful, covering a number of areas of my life that have been emotionally charged lately; Alexandrya made sure I was not oversharing during the whole process, which made me feel safe and taken care of. By the end of the session, I had heard an appropriate and timely message and was able to debrief. Overall, a very special experience."

- Eamonn C

“Received a great reading from Alex today. Connected with family members that have passed and received beautiful messages from them through Alex. Some points I couldn’t connect at first as the message was for my mother who was not present during the reading. After speaking with my mom she was able to make the connection as it was from someone I was too young to know. I just wanted to thank you Alex for sharing your gift with us. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to connect with their loved ones.”

-Amanda R.

“I booked an appointment with Alexandrya a couple of weeks ago with an open but also somewhat skeptical mind. It seemed like at the very least it would be fun. I have had friends try mediums before and it always sounded fun but contrived to me. Ok....I was wrong!

Alexandrya was so polite and professional. She knew what she was doing and made me feel comfortable and informed right from the start. She did not milk me for info but rather told me to hold back while she started her work. When a presence did come to her with the things she was saying and even the demeanor, there was no mistaking it was my mom, recently passed.

Alexandrya did not know anything about my mom passing at all and I gave her no info until the session was towards the end. At that point we were discussing the session in general.The minute details and things that were said were just wild to me. I felt very comforted and was encouraged to see that there is a lot more to existence than I had previously witnessed. Highly recommended! Thank you, Alexandrya!”

Laura R.L.

Since 2018

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